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Ismael Gonzales


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

One Sunday, having finished mass, the

Nakamura family returned home. That

dayfs gospel was the story of the

prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32). The main

character is the father of the two sons.

The older brother had helped and

supported the father for a number of

years. The younger brother had converted

his inheritance into money, had moved to

a far land, and wasted his inheritance

money. Nonetheless, the father, trusting his younger son, waited every day for his return.

That day, the priest had commented, gThe father is an image of Godfs loveh.

Mr Nakamurafs son asked his father, gIs God big or small?h There happened to be a plane

flying high in the sky. The father asked his son, gIs that plane big or small?h The son

replied, gFather, that plane is very smallh.

The next day, the father took his son to an airport. The father again asked his son, gIs

that plane big or small?h The son answered, gThat plane is very big.h The father agreed.

Then the father explained that it was the same with God. When we are far from Him, He seems

small to us. But, when we are near Him, He is big. In this way, the father was able to explain

to his son how the size of things depends on our distance from them.

And so it is the same for us. Godfs gsizeh depends on our position in relation to Him.

And as in the parable, when we have gone away from Him, He is waiting for us to return.

In spite of everything, he is waiting for us with open arms.

God wants to be with us always. For this reason, He became man and dwelt among us. And

shepherds, wise men, and angels all worshipped Him, even though He was a small, weak, crying

baby. He approaches us as a baby. And this Christmas season, Jesus will approach us in a

special way.

But, we, too, can approach God. We can do this when we pray, read scripture, and partake of

the Eucharist and the sacrament of Penance. We can also do this by feeding the hungry,

clothing the naked, and visiting the sick and isolated. By helping these people God comes

nearer to us. Both St. Francis of Assisi and Mother Theresa had this view of the world.

Now, what size does God appear to you?

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