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Ismael Gonzales


Merry Christmas 2018 and

Happy New Year 2019

As I write, the light from our nativity

stable is lighting up the dark night sky of


There is a great darkness around us. There

are shadows in our world.

Nonetheless, in Matt 5:45, God teaches us

that He shines His light and He causes the

rain to fall on the righteous and the wicked.

There is both light and darkness all over the world, both during the day and at night.

There is love and hate. There is war and peace. There are smiles and tears.

Even the rose has flowers and thorns.

God has made many contradictions. But each has meaning, and each has utility for humankind.

God has sowed good seed in his field- our world. But the enemy has planted darnel among

the wheat during the night.

The master asked his servant to remove the bad wheat.

But, the master said, "Tell my fieldhands to let the darnel grow with the wheat. Then at

harvest time, collect the darnel and bundle it to be burnt.

Then, gather the wheat into my barn. Matt 13:30.

We, as Catholic parishioners, are to be light, sun, love, peace, smiles, and rosebuds. We

want to plant only good wheat seed, but darnel comes up as well.

Around us, there are many inustices and unpardonable things. For example, pride, envy,

revenge, slander, and evil looks.

When we wish for a better world, we think we have to remove the darnel from the wheat.

To do so, we first have to remove the "darnel" from ourselves. Jesus came in to the world

to help us do this.

At Christmas, we remember Jesus' birth.

Jesus' teaching on the "darnel" is not telling us to remove the darnel. How do the wheat

and darnel grow together?

It is teaching us that to be able to grow together, they must be raised together.

We humans, have little patience. God, on the other hand, is patient.

He is not in a hurry to pass judgement. He is always waiting.

God does not distinguish between the wheat and the darnel. Rather, He watches the wheat,

looking toward the completion of his good field.

We too, should not be disturbed by good and evil. We should trust in God and think how we

can live together.

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