@The Priest
Ismael Gonzales


Happy Easter!

Be not afraid. Go and tell my brethren

to go out to Galilee. There they

will see me.

We read the Acts of the Apostles during

the Easter season. In the early

Church, faith in Christ was shown

through the model Christian community.

Guided by the Holy Spirit, faith in

Christ spread throughout the world.

The first missionary of the gospel

was a woman. gOn the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb. There, she

heard an angel say the Good News, eThe One you are looking for is not here. He is risenf.h

Mary entered the tomb and saw that it was empty. Then she went to tell the disciples the

Good News.

On that day, Jesus appeared to the disciples on the road to Emmaus. This showed the truth

of the resurrection. From this time, the actions of the disciples are well recorded in

the Bible. The disciples became witnesses of Jesusf resurrection- eating and talking with


Peter met our risen Lord in many special ways. We, too, must become witnesses of His


The truth of Jesusf resurrection became the cornerstone for the missionary activities of

the disciples. For us, too, the resurrection should be the cornerstone of our faith.

For us, Tokushima is our Galilee. For us, the book of salvation history (the Acts of the

Apostles) is being written now. We must tell our families, our friends, and our co-workers

about the resurrection of Jesus. We must not simply be ggood peopleh. We must be

witnesses of Christ. How can we be witnesses of Christ?- by our words and actions.

Christ is alive even in todayfs society. For example, Christ lives in those who work

for peace, in those who help others, in countries which accept refugees, in those who

assist the poor, and in those who strive to be meek.

I wish all a Happy Easter.

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