● Courses

▼Fundamental Course

  The priest will explain the meaning of Scripture and its relevance to life today.

  Course participants also share stories of how God and the Holy Spirit

  influence their lives. This course is recommended for those considering

  baptism into the church.

▼100-week Bible Study Course

  From the beginning of the Old Testament to the end of the New Testament,

  we read the Bible over a two-year (100-week) period.

  Through this reading, we come to a deeper understanding of the Bible.

  Participants get a certificate upon completion of the course. Non-baptized

  persons are most welcome to attend.

▼Wedding Course

  Those who wish to have their wedding ceremony at the church must

  first attend this class. Participants will learn God's teachings about

  marriage and married life. Lessons focus on mutual respect, rearing

  and education of children, etc. The total course takes about four hours.

  Non-baptised may also attend.

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