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▼On foot, from Tokushima Station

  First, come out of Tokushima Station. You will immediately see a large

  oval shaped area with buses and taxis. Do not enter this area. Rather,

  follow the pavement to your left, cross the ped crossing, and continue walking

  until you pass the Daiwa-Roinet Hotel (now under construction and site of

  the old City department store). Here you will see a relatively narrow road extending

  diagonally to your left. This is called the Ekimae- Ichibancho-Shotengai.

  At the end of this road is the Toyoko Inn Hotel. Walk to this hotel. On your left you

  will see a large brown-brick building. This is the Tokushima Central Post Office.

  Keeping this and the MitsuiSeimei Bldg, and the Tokushima branch of the Asahi

  Newspaper on your left, continue walking. The road and your path will descend

  under the train tracks. Follow this down and up to the other side of the tracks.

  There will be an intersection as you come up, but don't turn here. Continue to

  the first major intersection. This is Tokushima Honcho Crossing. Continue straight.

  You will soon see the church on your left.

▼By bus from Tokushima Station

  Take bus #4 which departs from Tokushima City bus stop #6.

  Get off at "Joto koko-mae" (the station in front of Joto High School).

  The ride takes about five minutes.

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